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  • 010 Reflection Point

    The intention behind the unigoat podcast was to help people, especially the younger generation. In the beginning - I ... Full Description

  • 009 How to Follow-Through on Resolutions

    At the start of every year millions of people, my self included - reflect on their lives and create new years resolut... Full Description

  • 008 Five Life Lessons For 2019

    In life, there are no manuals. We learn from our experiences - and these experiences afford us the ability to help ot... Full Description

  • 007 How To Learn Better

    I came to realise that learning is a never ending journey towards personal growth, empowerment and development. Throu... Full Description

  • 006 Motivation Separation

    I have come to learn in life, that motivation is not enough to get anything significant done. Especially when that th... Full Description

  • 005 How To Approach Relationships

    Relationships are important, they are a key factor in what experiencesand the results we get in life. In this episode... Full Description

  • 004 First Class Performance

    In this episode, we explore 5 things that helped me deliver first class performances in university. We cover topics s... Full Description

  • 003 Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Worry

    At various points in our lives, we go through periods where we face things that scare us, make us anxious and cause u... Full Description

  • 002 Navigating The Hard Times

    In life there will always be hard times, it may not start today or tomorrow but at some point, we will all go through... Full Description

  • 001 Rear-view Mirror

    In this episode, we talk about the benefits of going through the university experience and share some tips on how to ... Full Description