010 Reflection Point

The intention behind the unigoat podcast was to help people, especially the younger generation. In the beginning - I convinced myself that the only people who can benefit from my experience are in university. This was because I saw university as my most successful moment in life - I have come to realise how completely wrong that line of thinking was. As I have churned out episode after episode to get to this point. I realise that what I really want to do is share.... And through sharing - be it ideas, opinion, lessons or mistakes - someone out there can make a better decision in their life, be better informed or more open minded about a situation. Today is a break point. As I am going to be taking a break after producing this episode to reflect on how I can add the most value to anybody out there, that's listening. It would be helpful and kind of anyone out there who's listening to drop me a note of feedback, no matter the nature of your opinion - you can reach me on twitter https://twitter.com/TheUniGoat or email me @ theunigoatpodcast@gmail.com